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Since 2001, The Drift has been a weekly source of provocative, POV-driven ideas that spark meaningful conversation on the topics that matter most to sellers, publishers and those connected to them. And each week, one ad tech, data, research or service provider underwrites The Drift and shares this unique platform.

“Sellers in our industry are plenty smart and deeply articulate. They can talk for minutes on end about technology, market position, programs and tactics. And they can do it all with a high degree of specificity. So why, then, does it all get so soft and shallow when we talk about our customers and their plans and problems?”
From “Specificity”
February 2017
“What if we eliminated the word advertising from business and revenue models? How would that change the way we think about creating value and connection between businesses and consumers?”
From "Beautiful Digital Questions"
October 15, 2014
“Sellers reject “micromanagement” but not because they don’t need help. The busywork of over-reporting crushes them, and they don’t like not feeling trusted.”
From “The Unmanaged”
November 21, 2014
“The Scarecrow Objection, on the other hand, is not a bridge at all. It’s a parachute that allows a disinterested or non-qualified buyer to eject from the conversation.”
From “Bridge or Parachute
December 9, 2014


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