Whole Selling.

If you’re in sales today, there’s a simple three-word phrase that you might consider tattooing onto your forearm: Finish the Job!

Unless yours is the most transactional commodity-for-price type of selling (in which case you have an entirely different set of problems), you are finding that getting the customer to “yes” may actually be the easiest, most straightforward part of the job. Bringing the deal to fruition, fulfilling the terms and ultimately recognizing the revenue… now that’s another story.

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The name of the game is co-dependence.  To realize success in today’s increasingly complex, high-touch program and platform sales, the seller depends on finance, legal, account management and creative services.  As this side of the business and the predictable tension and friction grow exponentially, weak sellers acclimate themselves to a culture of blame:  “I sold it, but (at-fault department here) didn’t do their job!”

No more.  Motivating, empowering and rewarding other team members for supporting your deals is the new definition of your job.  Don’t think it should be this way?  There is no should:  there is only must.  Great sellers have always realized this and behaved accordingly.  They are the ones who other team members gladly stay late for.  The ones who inspire and share credit are the ones who win.  It’s not even close.  This is not just what defines excellence:  it’s what survival and relevance look like in 2017.

Maybe there’s someone on your New York team who embodies this definition?  Along with the New York area’s premier digital marketing organization, I’m very proud to announce the 212NYC Weaver Award for Digital Sales Excellence.  If you’re a sales leader or manager in digital media, ad tech or services, you can nominate your special team member for special recognition by his or her industry peers.  I’ll be participating in the judging myself, and we’ll recognize the top three finishers at the 212NYC Winter Gala on Wednesday March 22nd in New York.

Sales excellence isn’t what it used to be.  And it doesn’t just happen.  It’s high time we started calling out the deeper qualities of the great seller…qualities that are driving a renaissance in our business and our profession.  It’s time to celebrate the best of the best among us.


212NYC_WinterGala2016_6245Last Thursday night I received a wonderful honor when 212NYC — the New York digital advertising club — presented me with one of their 2016 “Thought Leadership Awards” — at least in part for the ideas that I share here in The Drift.  After acknowledging the 212 leadership (past and present) and thanking my wife, Sharon, and the members of my team at Upstream Group, I used the occasion to say a few words about what our collective work in online advertising really means.

This week’s Drift is proudly underwritten by Index Exchange, the principled exchange for publishers. The people behind Index engineer the best technology to create a neutral, transparent exchange that enables digital publishers and suppliers to sell their ad impressions in real time, and gives them the data, knowledge and context they need to understand and act.

“The last 22 years that I’ve spent in the digital world have been a gift that I work hard every day to try and deserve.  For the last 18 years I’ve gotten to live a truly unreasonable life.  From the thriving digital hub of Shelburne, Vermont, I get travel the country and the world and help digital sellers as they invent and reinvent a brand new profession.  I get to work with people who are fun and courageous and creative, and I get to work with them at the precise moments when they are working to get better at what they do.  Who am I to be so lucky?  Why should anyone have this life?

In closing, I’d like to propose a toast to all of you here tonight and all of your colleagues, competitors and fellow travelers.  What we do – what you do – matters so much.  Your work is financing the reinvention of how the world reads, watches and listens.  People have new ways to connect with information and community because of the work we do.  Your work creates jobs and economic opportunity and more.

So from someone who watches you all very closely and sees the hard work you do every day, thank you.  You’re creating a new world and a new economy.  You guys rock!  Here’s to you.

Thank you so much for this honor.” ~ Doug Weaver, 18 February, 2016


Congratulations to fellow honorees Jennifer Gardner, Carl Fremont, Gary Vaynerchuk and Scott Hagedorn.

Photo credits to Jane Kratochvil and Sunny Norton.